Ball Pits:
-Balls are switched out every 3-5 Days.
How are they cleaned?
-After all the balls are removed we wipe down the ball pit with a disinfectant antibacterial product
-We then place the balls in mesh laundry bags and run them through a washing machine cycle with a natural detergent.

-Bags hang dry.


Play Food:
-Every single night we soak the play food in a non-chemical based disinfectant detergent.
-Then hand dry them in the morning.


*Throughout the day we provide a “Yuck Bucket” for parents to place balls and play food in that may have entered into a little ones mouths to prevent the spreading of germs!*



-It gets a thorough wipe down every single night with a disinfectant antibacterial product.
-Throughout the day we try to wipe down common areas.

General Play Area:
-Our employees are taught to constantly disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

-This means we walk around every 30 minutes or so, wiping down toys, blocks, tables, chairs, and couches.







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