KidsPlay Indoor Fun Waiver/Consent Form
Planning a visit? Please feel free to download our waiver. Remember to bring in the completed waiver so that your child can get playing right away!

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Food Pollicy

We provide a room where you and your little one may enjoy lunch or a snack during your play time!

**You may bring in any outside food as long as it does not contain any peanut products, as we are a peanut free facility!

Forgot a snack or drink? NO PROBLEM!

We sell goldfish, rice krispie treats, fruit snacks, mini waters, apple juice, tea and coffee!


Ball Pits

  • Balls are switched out every 3-5 days

How are they cleaned?

  • After all the balls are removed, we wipe down the ball pit with a disinfectant antibacterial product

  • When then place the balls in a mesh laundry bag and run them through a washing cycle with natural detergent

Play Food

  • Every night, we soak the play food in a non-chemical based disinfectant detergent

  • We then hand dry them every morning

  • Throughout the day, we provide a “Yuck Bucket” for parents to place balls and play food that may have “become gross” by coming into a child’s mouth, runny nose, etc.


  • It gets a thorough wipe down every single night with a disinfectant antibacterial product

  • Throughout the day, we try to wipe down common areas a regular intervals

General Play area

  • Our employees are taught to constantly disinfect

  • This means that we walk around every 30-45 minutes wiping down toys, blocks, tables, chairs, and couches